meet the team

Introducing the TESLA team that is taking the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster on the road.




Luke McClure is the first driver behind the wheel of the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster. Luke is a 25-year-old Tesla technician from Norwich, UK – not far from the town of Hethel, where the Tesla Roadster is manufactured. He trained as a motor vehicle technician for Volkswagen and worked at their UK subsidiary for six years. Tesla hired him last summer -- one of the first employees recruited for the fast-growing European service team. Luke loves high-adrenaline sports and looks forward to sharing his Roadster experience with his 5 year old son.
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Sitting shotgun in the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster is award-winning cameraman Vivien Floris. Part of the new generation of do-it-yourself filmmakers, Vivien directs, films and edits his own work, alternating personal projects with commercial commissions. Mr. F is also founding member of Make 2 Work, a non-profit production house, and the collective Les 1D, a group of young artists behind Lyon’s short film festival, Festival de Très Courts.